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THIS Electric Caravan is Every Adventurer’s Dream!

THIS Electric Caravan is Every Adventurer's Dream!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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THIS Electric Caravan is Every Adventurer's Dream!

Go anywhere for however long you like? Isn’t that the definition of the ultimate freedom?! Or at least the makings of a fantastic holiday! The electric RV from Australia’s Retreat Caravans offers exactly that, kitted out with solar panels, home energy storage, a sophisticated battery management system, hefty ground clearance and a whole load of home comforts. Between Retreat’s ERV and the recent Winnebago eRV launch, it looks like all-electric #vanlife is on the horizon! Simone Annan, our correspondent in Australia, takes us on a tour and shows us how this house on wheels could be your ticket to a sustainable, off-grid vacation.

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00:00 Hello from Down Under!
00:25 The world’s first all electric caravan!
02:19 No more dust and go off road!
03:09 Interior
05:05 Solar power and energy storage
06:00 Charging
06:26 Energy usage
08:54 How long can you go off-grid?!
09:25 No tripping!
10:00 Electric Barbecue!
10:25 Can you tow it?!
11:39 How does it compare?
12:19 Price and concluding thoughts

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