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This GIANT Electric Mining Truck Charges in Under 30 minutes!

This GIANT Electric Mining Truck Charges in Under 30 minutes!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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Fortescue, one of the world’s largest iron ore producers – a critical material for steel, magnets, batteries, and fertilizers – has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. To achieve this hugely ambitious goal, they enlisted the expertise of the Fortescue WAE engineers (formerly Williams Advanced Engineering) in Oxfordshire. The team were tasked with electrifying Fortescue’s massive 221-tonne payload haul trucks, which are now being outfitted with mind-bogglingly big 1.4 MWh batteries. We visited their prototype facility to discover how they’re doing it! @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow

00:00 221 Tonne Mining Trucks in Oxfordshire
00:54 Track to Truck!
01:51 Fortescue
03:49 Battery Build
04:20 1.4 MWh Battery
05:31 Pit Lane to Mining Pit…
06:34 Hot temperatures, shocks, vibrations and pot holes
08:31 Battery safety..
09:00 Charging speed?
10:56 Infinity Train!
11:46 Two worlds colliding

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