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Toyota 4Runner vs Land Cruiser – Which 4WD System Is Best?

Toyota 4Runner vs Land Cruiser - Which 4WD System Is Best?

Video by Engineering Explained via YouTube
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Is Full-Time or Part-Time 4WD Better? Toyota 4Runner/Tacoma vs Land Cruiser 4WD!
Deep dive into how these 4WD systems work, and the advantages of each.
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The Toyota Land Cruiser and the Toyota 4Runner are both highly capable off-road vehicles, but, which one has the better four-wheel-drive system? All Land Cruisers come with Full-Time 4WD, where as most 4Runners come with Part-Time 4WD. In this video we’ll explain exactly how both systems work, what the advantages are of each, and ultimately discuss which system is superior. The Toyota Tacoma has the same 4WD system as the 4Runner, so anything in this video that applies to the 4Runner also applies to the Tacoma.

Once we have a general understanding of how transfer cases work, we’ll dive into the following questions:
How does the low range gear selection work?
How does the full-time system create a 40/60 torque split?
How does the Torsen center differential work?
How does the part-time system select 4WD?

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