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#van #zeroemissions #electricvehicle #electriccar

#van #zeroemissions #electricvehicle #electriccar

Video by EU EEC Electric Vehicle Cars via YouTube
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🌟 Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Electric Van with EEC N1e Homologation Certificate! 🚚⚑

βœ… Certified for EEC N1e Homologation
πŸ’‘ Powered by a 35kw motor and a 53.58kwh lithium battery
πŸ’¨ Max speed of 90km/h with a range of 300km
πŸ› οΈ LHD steering mode for easy navigation
πŸ“¦ Ideal for eco-friendly delivery services

We’re expanding our dealership network worldwide! 🌎 Contact Leo Hao to discuss partnership opportunities:
πŸ“± WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 191 5364 6708
πŸ“§ Email:

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