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Volkswagen ID.5 – What’s the point?

Volkswagen ID.5 - What's the point?

Video by AutoEV via YouTube
Volkswagen ID.5 - What's the point?

There are lots of things that Bryan doesn’t understand. For instance, where does a thought go when it’s forgotten? If the sky is the limit, what is space? And why did Tarzan never have a beard? He is also a bit confused by Coupe SUVs, not really seeing the point of them. Yet, here is another one, the Volkswagen ID.5. And whilst we admire the ID.4, the car on which it is based, we have always failed to love it. So if we are to be emotional about Coupes, as that is their intent in life, to make us get emotive about their style, can the coupe version of a car that we only admire, make us fall in love? Bryan puts the new member of the VW ID family through the road test that actual car buyers trust to find out – the AutoEV one.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Titles
01:02 – Meet the car
02:28 – Styling
07:24 – Practicality
10:51 – Interior
18:49 – Usability
20:24 – Performance & Handling
27:51 – Pricing
28:37 – Competition
29:45 – Pros & Cons
30:18 – Summary


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