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VW ID.3: the Family EV review

VW ID.3: the Family EV review

Video by Andrew Till / Mr. EV via YouTube
VW ID.3: the Family EV review

Kermit the Frog singing Pink Floyd, some truly offensively bad accents, tapas, the joy of swearing, parasailing, and some stuff about the VW ID.3. What will Flaviana think of it?

We take it on a trip to London to see Flaviana’s sister and Andrew gets into geeky detail with boot dimensions and all that stuff you may not care about. Flaviana certainly doesn’t.

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00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Design and dimensions
01:47 – Lovely rural roads
02:59 – Flaviana’s first impressions
04:12 – Back seat space
05:20 – Climate control and a trembling raccoon
06:46 – In the driver’s seat
07:29 – Bad words
12:39 – Boot measurements
14:11 – Parasailing in Corfu
16:22 – “This is a good car to have”
17:37 – Driving position and stupid buttons
19:58 – Andrew’s quite terrible, offensive accent repertoire
22:27 – Charging specs
22:57 – It’s not easy bein’ green
25:24 – We’ve reached London, finally
25:38 – Tapas time with Ceci and George
26:17 – “Just another electric car”
28:32 – Back home

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