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VW ID4: Maintenance NEEDED & It was Costly $$$

VW ID4: Maintenance NEEDED & It was Costly $$$

Video by It’s Electric – An EV Help Hub via YouTube
VW ID4: Maintenance NEEDED & It was Costly $$$

After 25,000 miles my Volkswagen ID4 finally needed maintenance.
Unfortunately, the expense was a pretty costly one that most electric vehicles will run into. That’s having to replace the tires much more quickly or frequently that on other cars.

Michelin Crossclimate2 Rear Tires (20 inch wheels):

The primary reason EVs suffer from this is due to their curb weight, which is often 15-20% more than the ICE competition. Some electric cars, like Teslas, are optimizing weight much more quickly than others. The VW ID4 is a very heavy crossover EV, with an additional 600-800 pounds of curb weight versus vehicles like the Toyota Rav4 or Mazda CX-5.

This video explains how much it cost to maintain the ID4 and a plan I have to reduce that cost in the future.

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