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Watch Elon Musk’s 3-Part Interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and more

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Watch Elon Musk’s 3-Part Interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories – Tesla News

Scheduling a meeting with the busiest man in the world is no easy task. Between the operations of Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, Neuralink and his many-times-daily tweeting habit, Elon Musk has very little time left in the day. So, how did this interview with the Tesla CEO finally happen?  Above: Elon Musk with My Tesla Adventur…

Public Charging an EV Can Really Suck – Here’s Why!

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Morec 40Amp EV Charger Level 2 NEMA14-50 220V-240V Portable EV Charging Cable Faster ev Charging Station, Electric Vehicle Charger Compatible with All EV Cars 25ft

Cadillac’s New EV Is Simply The Best Caddy Ever Built | 2023 Cadillac Lyriq

EV Buyers Guide Forget about the Cadillac you know, the Lyriq is the future, and the future is bright… With some funky tail lamps. The first electric …

Touch Foil Technology Enhances In-Vehicle Experience

Electric Vehicles Research

PEDOT-based touch foil offers automotive manufacturers efficiencies and cost savings, while delivering the vehicle features consumers demand.

Model Y rattle – anybody has similar problem?

Tesla Motors Club

Hi folks, I have my Model Y since July last year. I always had a rattle and put the car twice in service for repairs and they never fixed it. There are two videos that shows what the rattle is Anybody had such a rattle and fixed it? If yes, what was the culprit? Thanks!…

First Drive! 2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV Is The Future Of Cadillac

Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk The all-electric Lyriq is the most important vehicle Cadillac has launched in a generation. This first-drive at the press event in Park …

Intro | Pricing | Specs + 1-Pedal Drive | Regenerative Braking Performance | Cabin Quietness | Performance Sounds | Ultium Battery | Energy Recover System | Charge Speed | Grille Animation | Frunk? | Acceleration | Real World Range | Handling | Interior | Interface | Backseat | Design | Cargo | Red Light Green Light | Summary | Light Show | My ELR | Fun Fact24 chapters

Here’s Why You Should WAIT To Buy an EV | Tax Credit Update

YAA Electric Join YAA (for free) and get all the tools you need ⮕ Go Premium for access to live chat and Black Book …

High Ratio Transfer cases/ Transaxles

DIY Electric Car Forums

Hey I’m wondering if any of you guys know of any (Numerically high) Transaxles? Something somewhere in the realm of say a 30-60:1 ratio. I’m leaning toward a 144v EV powertrain setup (Maybe a Hyper 9 or AC50 HPEVS Motor). The problem is that high torque is a MUST, hence the need for an aggressive gear ratio. High speed is not really a necessity,…

Home charger connected and using the Nissan connect app

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

I am now the proud owner of the Nissan Leaf 40kw Teckna. and have now managed to charge the car using my home charger and a 50kw dc charger from Gridserve. It is my intention to do most of my charging from home as it would appear to be a lot cheaper to do that than using the other public chargers other than perhaps pod point and charge your card t…

New Korean Electric MPVs To Kill Off SUV Craze? Hyundai Stargazer EV and Kia Carnival EV

The Auto Vision – Korean Car News Channel Minivans, also known as Multi-Purpose Vehicles or MPVs in some countries are making a comeback. With the crossovers and …

Intro | Introduction | Kia Carnival Electric | Price and Availablity | Hyundai Stargazer Electric | Price and Availability | Question7 chapters

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is a Smooth Stunner with EV Stamina (POV Drive Review)

MilesPerHr Join Miles in the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq in Satin Steel Metallic with all Sky Cool Grey Leather as he shares his expert driving …

Coast to Coast Road Trip (LA –> ATL)

Model 3

I drove my Model3 across the nation couple weeks ago, true coast to coast trip from LA to ATL. Here are some highlights: Read more…

Car battery went out then after recharge, my driver window suddenly stopped working “Action Required, Open then Close Driver Window” message

GM Volt Forum

Hi there, need some help here. Probably something with the computer or fuse. After my 12v battery lost charge. I was able to charge it back up just fine but after driving it for a bit I rolled down the window and it got stuck 1/2 way then got the message on the dashboard. “Action Required, Open then Close Driver Window” message. I t…

Waymo’s self-driving trucks will deliver home goods for Wayfair

Self-Driving Cars – Look reddit, no hands!

submitted by /u/Recoil42 [link] [comments] …

Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Trays are Back in Stock

Tesla has restocked its Center Console Trays for the Model 3 and Model Y in its online shop. “The Model 3/Y Center Console Trays help … Read more The post Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Trays are Back in Stock appeared first on

Rooftop Tents

Model S

I recently found out there are roof top tents and they are awesome! Here is a random example of one if you’re not aware of what I’m talking about but there are many different ones from many companies. Does anyone on here have one or able to recommend a brand/model? There are hundreds of different ones and i would like some assistance on picking a…

Spare Tire Kit (82212995 / 82212995AB) – Where can I still find one? (Or do you have one?)

Fiat 500 Forum

Have a 2013 Pop and local dealer looked up the VIN and said 82212995 is the correct spare kit. But, of course, the 500 spare kits have been discontinued for 3 years. I’ve googled and called about a dozen dealers, but cannot find it in stock or havent been able to yet. Does anyone know of who might still have one of these kits in inventory, or …

Tesla Model 3 lands in the Top 10 best sellers globally

Not a Tesla App

Tesla’s Model 3 has landed a spot as the ninth best-selling car in the world for 2021, which is up 40% from 2020, according to Fiat Group World. The Model … Read More

Polestar rings Nasdaq bell to celebrate public listing

Electric Cars Report

Polestar, the Swedish electric car brand, has rung the famous bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York City to celebrate its public listing. Polestar began trading officially under the ticker “PSNY” on 24 June 2022. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath was joined by members of the Polestar and Gores Guggenheim teams, gathering in New […] The post Po…

15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of Uber drivers through Hertz deal

Tesla | Electrek

Uber announced that 15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of its drivers in more than 30 US cities through its deal with Hertz to expand access to electric vehicles. more… The post 15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of Uber drivers through Hertz deal appeared first on Electrek.

15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of Uber drivers through Hertz deal –

“tesla” – Google News

SEGWAY GT 1 OFFICIAL Unboxing, Test, Review 2022 / Uncompromised Luxury!

Electric Vehicles Space

This electric scooter has the best design and unleveled quality. 🛹 Products I use: Quad lock phone holder: Quad lock case Samsung S21 ultra: Quad lock car mount: Quad Lock Sports Armband: Link to buy Nami Viper:…

Cadillac Lyriq review, F-150 Lightning recall, GM Plug and Charge, VW ID.Aero: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

We take a first drive in the Cadillac Lyriq, and GM confirms Plug and Charge convenience for all its EVs. VW reveals its ID.Aero electric sedan. And Ford recalls the F-150 Lightning over tire pressures. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. In a review of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV, we found this electric SUV to be a great first step in…

10 Of The Coolest Electric Restomods We’ve Seen – HotCars

“opel electric car” – Google News

Chinese electric vehicle maker Li Auto to raise $2B from U.S. investors in a new stock offering – CNBC

“electric vehicles” – Google News

Green registration plates given to zero-emission cars in Romania –

“renault zoe” – Google News

Flash Drive: 2023 Cadillac Lyriq

Clean Fleet Report: Hybrid & Electric Cars

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is only the first of many all-electric Cadillacs that will be released in the coming years. The post Flash Drive: 2023 Cadillac Lyriq first appeared on Clean Fleet Report. Visit <a href=”” title=”Clean Fleet Report”>Clean Fleet Report</a> for full articles. Copy…

Elon Musk & Tesla Have Influenced Soaring CEO Pay

Tesla Archives | CleanTechnica

The Tesla CEO’s allure transcends his millions of fans and includes other CEOs, who have been drawn to his innovative compensation package.

Polestar IPO’s Lukewarm Debut Is Troubling Signal for EV Makers – Bloomberg

“polestar electric car” – Google News

Audi e-tron sells out in Belgium as electric car sales boom – The Brussels Times

“audi electric car” – Google News

Baker Hughes 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights Actions Taken To Fulfill Its Net-Zero Ambitions – Yahoo Finance

“zero emission vehicle” – Google News

Le planificateur d’itinéraire, un outil indispensable?

Tesla Magazine

Si vous avez plus de 500 km à parcourir en VE (véhicule électrique), il est préférable d’utiliser un planificateur d’itinéraire sur votre smartphone qui vous guidera en recherchant le meilleur itinéraire et les bornes de recharge disponibles. Un outil indispensable pour éviter la panne électrique ? Chez Tesla comme chez d’autres constructeurs, la …

A héten elindítja saját villámtöltő hálózatát a Rivian

A Riviannak meglehetősen sok gondja akadt mostanában az autók gyártásával. Ennek ellenére marad technikai kapacitás a saját töltőhálózatukra is, ami a Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) nevet kapta. A Rivian Adventure Network hasonló elvek mentén épül ki, mint a Tesla Supercharger hálózata. Az első hírek a hálózat megszületéséről 2021 elején érke…

Rhode Island’s electric vehicle rebate program to start July 7 – Turn to 10

“electric vehicles” – Google News

Public EV charging costs rise by over £200 a year

Next Green Car News

According to GoCompare electric vehicle insurance in collaboration with Zap-Map, the UK’s leading EV charging app, electric vehicle (EV) drivers will now need to spend over £220 more per year to get around. The two companies found that the average cost of charging an electric vehicle on the high-speed public network has risen by as much as 3…

U Mich generic battery-cycling optimization framework could reduce EV battery testing time by about 75%

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an optimized generic battery cycling framework that could reduce the time for both simulation and physical testing of new electric vehicle battery designs by about 75%. The optimization framework could significantly reduce the cost of assessing how battery configurations will perform over …

HCH2 grid charging – battery fan PWM control not working

Electric Vehicle Forums

Hi, I did a very similiar setup as described here. Thankful for the content!…23/index3.html Everything works except the PWM control of the fan. No matter where I set the PWM controller I end up the fan blowing full speed. I tried various freqs and duty cycles found here on the forum, but none works. I also us…

Steel Technologies Picks Penetron for New Steel Plant in Tennessee – PR Web

“nissanelectriccar” – Google News