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Watch How Ford Lightning’s Intelligent Backup Power System Works In A Real Home

Watch How Ford Lightning's Intelligent Backup Power System Works In A Real Home

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
Watch How Ford Lightning's Intelligent Backup Power System Works In A Real Home

I purchased and installed Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power system at my home and will show you the entire setup as well as explain how it works in this video. As far as I know, this is the very first video showing the system working in a customer’s house. This system allows Lightningowners to use their truck to power their home during a power outage.

The system was installed by my channel sponsor, Qmerit, North America’s leading provider of installation services for EV charging, home energy storage, and other electrification technologies. See how Qmerit is making the energy transition easy for home and business owners:

0:00 Intro
0:31 What took me so long to Install Intelligent Backup Power?
2:57 How long does it take to charge the F-150 Lightning using different equipment?
5:33 What do you need to use Ford Intelligent Backup Power and who does the installation?
7:28 Paring your Charge Station Pro and your FordPass app with Intelligent Backup Power
10:57 How Intelligent Backup Power is integrated into my home’s electric system.
13:30 The three components included in The Home Integration Kit
16:47 Power flow animations showing how my system works under different conditions
21:25 How much power can the system put out? Is it enough to power your house?
22:56 How much does Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power cost?
25:15 What are the alternatives to Intelligent Backup Power?
28:22 Who should you hire to install the system?
31:39 Do I recommend getting the system?
32:30 Is this the future of electric vehicles?

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