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What Happened To Faraday Future?? Almost Breaking News

What Happened To Faraday Future?? Almost Breaking News

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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What Happened To Faraday Future?? Almost Breaking News

Join Robert for another packed episode of Almost Breaking News including speculation about Faraday Future, the imminent arrival of theTesla Semi, some megachargers, CHEAP wind energy, big fines for Stellantis USA, melting rocks for geothermal energy, recycling solar panels and a special Fully Charged Live Announcement!

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Coming Up!
00:45 Fully Charged Live!
01:46 A special guest!
02:15 Trouble for Faraday?!
06:40 Are Tesla Semis Coming?!
08:30 Polestar 6 gets ready for production
09:30 Naughty Stellantis USA
11:00 Cheap Wind! End of Discussion
13:11 Bore-ing Geothermal!
16:33 Recycling Solar Panels
18:08 A quick thanks!

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