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What is BYD’s electric car strategy for India?

What is BYD's electric car strategy for India?

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What is BYD's electric car strategy for India?


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What is BYD’s electric car strategy for India and other markets?
Build Your Dreams, the Chinese electric car behemoth, has unveiled the BYD Atto3 in India. The sporty SUV has also been released in Australia, Singapore and other asian markets.
BYD is importing the SUV from China as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit which are then assembled at their factory in Chennai, which can deliver 900 electric cars per month to their dealers.
BYD India says they will have around 25 dealers by mid 2023 and are aiming for a production capacity of 10,000 vehicles per Annum.
In our opinion, BYD will be happy to sell hundred units of the Atto3 at each of their dealers in 2023. If BYD wants to get really serious in the Indian or the Asian market, they will have to manufacture the Blade Battery in India and also invest in a manufacturing plant to reduce costs and avoid those hefty import duties.
BYD getting serious in India will be a huge moment for the Indian electric car scene as Dinosaur car companies like Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Mahindra or Toyota will get their heads out of the sand and launch electric cars!

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