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What’s it like living with an electric car in winter?

What's it like living with an electric car in winter?

Video by Electric Classic Cars via YouTube
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In this episode we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning and driving an electric car in the winter. Having owned an electric car for 7 years now, we’ve been through 7 Welsh winters now so have some real world experience of what it’s like to live with an electric car when the temperatures drop below freezing.

I mentioned a few other videos which are also a good watch on the same subject, so here they are:

This is a good fair test by What Car magazine which compared a number of cars under the same test conditions in the summer time and the winter time.

Here’s a good one from Engineering Explained where he compares the same 2000 journey he did in summer to winter in -18C temperatures in his Tesla Model 3 and experienced 18% range drop.

Also, don’t forget that ICE vehicles also lose efficiency in winter. A US Department of Energy study found that: "Fuel economy tests show that, in city driving, a conventional gasoline car’s gas mileage is roughly 15% lower at -6C (20°F) than it would be at 25C (77°F)."

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