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Why Tesla owners should fit PPF on their headlights? A cheap DIY job.

Why Tesla owners should fit PPF on their headlights? A cheap DIY job.

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

Some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners have ended up with cars that are bricked and will not run, just because a headlight has failed. This is caused by water ingress following a cracked lens from a stone impact. You’ve only got to look at how many stone chips your cars suffers on the front bumper and bonnet to realise this can easily happen, especially when the lights are so large on a Tesla. Modern cars with sealed LED matrix headlights are very expensive too, so protecting them is a no-brainer!
This is why I protected my headlights in my 2024 Tesla Model Y with PPF. PPF is paint protection film and it protects against stone chips. In this video I cover both headlights with PPF and show how cheap and easy it is and is something anyone could do themselves.

I purchased the pre-cut PPF from
You can see all the Tesla Model Y pieces here
The PPF film they supplied is

Tools I used:
PPF rubber squeege tools
PPF felt squeege tools

There’s plenty of videos online to show you how to make up the slip solution (5ml baby soap + 100ml water in a spray bottle) and tack solution (800ml water + 200ml alcohol in a spray bottle or just use warm water). However, for these small headlight pieces, just using clean (filtered or distilled) water will suffice.

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