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Why Threshold Braking Is Impossible – ABS Wins!

Why Threshold Braking Is Impossible - ABS Wins!

Video by Engineering Explained via YouTube
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Why Threshold Braking Is Impossible - ABS Wins!

Is Threshold Braking Better Than Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)?
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There’s a common misconception in car world that "threshold braking" is the be-all and end-all of performance braking, and that systems like ABS cause you to have longer stopping distances. Such is the hubris of a car enthusiast, who believes they are Lewis Hamilton (or Nicholas Latifi, whoever you prefer), nay they are better, and thus they don’t need such aids like Anti-Lock Braking Systems slowing them down.

True, if you car doesn’t have ABS, you better learn to perfect your threshold braking technique, because it’s all you have. But if you drive a modern car with ABS, it’s going to outperform your braking time and time again. Don’t believe me? Watch!

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