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Will Electric Vehicles Crash The Grid?

Will Electric Vehicles Crash The Grid?

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
Will Electric Vehicles Crash The Grid?

There’s no doubt the automobile industry is transitioning from combustion-powered vehicles to battery-powered electric vehicles. But can the electric grid handle millions of electric vehicles charging every day?
I speak to two industry experts that work for large utilities responsible for providing power in California and New York to find out whether or not they are ready for the EV revolution.

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0:00 Introduction
2:36 Eric Cahill, Sacramento Municipality Utility District
4:20 California’s ban on combustion vehicle sales by 2035
14:48 Is California’s timeline for EV adoption reasonable?
20:40 How can apartment dwellers charge their EVs?
28:20 Will California’s grid crash once everyone has an EV?
31:04 John Markowitz, New York Power Authority
33:47 Can we transition the fleet in New York to electric vehicles by 2035?
36:40 Incentivizing EV owners to charge at specific times
37:35 Some of the biggest challenges
43:01 Is New York ready to expand DC fast charge sites with additional stations as needed?
48:32 Vehicle to home & grid services
52:40 Demand charges and DC fast charging
57:20 Should New York be forcing people to drive electric vehicles?
1:00:49 Summary

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