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Will Supercharging Kill the Grid?!?

Will Supercharging Kill the Grid?!?

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Will Supercharging Kill the Grid?!?

I chart the power draw and charge rate in a Tesla Model Y to understand just how much energy the Supercharger stations consume. In an all electric future will there be enough energy to power these 8,16, or even 100 pedestal stations? 250kW is a ton of power, but is it just an illusion?

I also bust the myth of too many EVs in a neighborhood causing brown outs, and we get a bonus of seeing how snow plows clear a charging area. A fun, quick video that should answer some questions and help fight the FUD.

0:00 Model Y unplugged for 5 winter days
2:01 Supercharger plug in and charts
8:37 90% charge & final results

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