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Will the Tesla Cybertruck come to the UK (or Europe) ?

Will the Tesla Cybertruck come to the UK (or Europe) ?

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

The Tesla Cybertruck is currently on a European tour, which kicked off in the UK last week. I viewed the Cybertruck on week two at the Solihull Tesla Service Centre.
Many say that the Cybertuck will never come to the UK due to the size and being too large for our roads or due to the bullet proof stainless steel construction, it will fail the pedestrian safety tests.
In this video, I look at those two points and give my view of the Cybertruck.
Cybertuck tour locations
To learn more about the Cybertuck, see the excellent Hagerty review

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Viewing at Solihull
01:38 Cybertruck stats
02:24 Too big for the UK?
03:59 UK safety rules
05:33 Will it come to the UK?
06:41 Outro

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