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10 Car Newcomers Featuring Latest Tech & Boldest Interior Designs Among All EVs

10 Car Newcomers Featuring Latest Tech & Boldest Interior Designs Among All EVs

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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We are constantly reminded that the entire automotive industry is transitioning to electric vehicles, but how exactly is this process coming along and what new models will we be seeing in the upcoming years? Well, in this episode of Automotive Territory, once again we will give you a summary of the latest EV news and will cover the most electrifying debuts from international autoshows.

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00:00 Introduction

00:31 Drako Dragon

The Drako Dragon is the world’s most powerful, quickest and fastest luxury SUV is nearing the final development stages at the Drako Motors facilities in San Jose, California. This successor to the G-T-E 4-door gran coupe nearly doubles its specifications.

01:30 2023 Rolls Royce Spectre

2023 Rolls Royce Spectre is an all-new coupe from the brand that debuts new, 30% stiffer all-aluminum Architecture of Luxury and offers a dual-motor AWD drivetrain setup with 577 horses.

02:43 Maserati Gran Turismo Folgore

2024 Maserati Gran Turismo Folgore is to arrive next year as the range-topping version of the new GT. It promises 750 horses, torque vectoring that functions like a limited slip differential, and 230 miles from a 800Volt battery.

03:40 Cadillac Celestiq

2024 Cadillac Celestiq stays true to the concept of the same name, but transitions to a liftback body style.

04:46 Citroen Oli

2023 Citroen Oli is an electric truck concept that has modular bodywork, Goodyear Eagle GO concept tires, and efficient drivetrain with a 40kWh battery.

05:42 GMC Sierra EV

GMC is placing a great emphasis on electrification in their pickup truck lineup, so we are expecting to see the second battery-powered truck from the brand.

06:46 Apollo G2J

Apollo G2J is the company’s first EV sportscar that distances itself from Apollo’s previous V12-powered hypercar creations and previews a new generation of models that will start arriving from 2024.

07:48 Lotus Evija Fittipaldi

2023 Lotus Evija Fittipaldi is a 9-unit edition of the 2000+ horsepower Evia that wears the legendary black and gold John Player Special livery.

08:38 Renault 4ever Trophy

Renault 4ever Trophy revived the original Renault 4 model as a futuristic B-segment EV, capable of off-roading.

09:33 Genesis X Convertible–completes-electric-vehicle-concept-trilogy/s/998ae62d-609e-4739-962f-c2557c50ac99

The availability of electric convertible is still super scarce; therefore, Genesis is bound to strike gold if the X Convertible concept ever hits the market. This 4-seater joins the X Coupe and Speedium concepts.

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