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20230419a DriveWork 45mph NoCC GPS

20230419a DriveWork 45mph NoCC GPS

Video by Lightning Ryan Fulcher via YouTube
20230419a DriveWork 45mph NoCC GPS

* 2023 Ford F150 Lightning ER Playlist
* 20230419a DriveWork 45mph NoCC GPS TimeShift32 2 minute version (Featuring an original audio track from my 1996 album)

This was my first try with Insta360 Camera tethered to my phone so to record GPS Data and then add that to the playback.

* Cruse Control set to 45mph
* No Climate Control
* 37.5 Miles at 3.5 miles/kWh (Half of a round trip)
** Climate use 1%
** Driving 81%
** Accessories 9%
** Exterior Temperature 9% (52deg F)

* Round trip was 74.7 miles at 2.8mi/kWh at ~38deg F for return trip
** Began at 90% SoC and ended at 69% SoC
** Calculated estimate 27.51kWh for 69%-90%
* Ford Pass App 27.9kWh (Must read result before next trip, only shown once)
** eGuage reported 29.7kWh
** Emporia EVSE reported 30.84kWh

Turns out that the Calm dash will show the SoC% as does the Blue Cruse dash and the Charge setting page. I have since been driving with the Calm Dash screen up and recording trip and SoC % data that way.

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