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20230929 35B57 HVBat Recall

20230929 35B57 HVBat Recall

Video by Lightning Ryan Fulcher via YouTube


So my @Ford F-150 Lightning greeted me with: "High-Voltage Battery Warning" & "Power train Malfunction/ Reduced Power" dash and app warnings this morning, very likely related to the 23B57 recall campaign. I should have taken the "Ford Recall" phone call 3days ago more seriously. On Sep 29 at 8am I took a three minute call from caller ID "Ford Recall" 866-436-7332 that they detected an anomaly and could help schedule service, which I declined because I’m suspicious of cold calls and spoofed caller IDs. They did share #23B57 was the recall ID. Truck drove fine for my 80 mile round trip commute & then L2 charge to 80% at home fine. Also had a normal shorter local trip the next day. Didn’t drive Yesterday. Then today leaving for work got the bad news from the truck itself. It also would not charge after these CELs. Scheduled service for first available next week, & will probably drop it off tomorrow. But did drive a few blocks to the coffee shop just to verify that it does still have the 20% power limited mode & will likely make it the 10s of miles to the dealership later this week. Bummed, and I suspect it will be out of service for about two weeks. Could be longer, time will tell. I am fortunate enough to have a backup 2000 Honda Insight in the meantime. But what a sharp contrast from the Lightning, have to steer and shift myself, sitting so low, no AC.

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