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3D Print to Brass Casting: Trilobite

3D Print to Brass Casting: Trilobite

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube
3D Print to Brass Casting: Trilobite

I melt down brass to cast into the shape of a Trilobite!
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I’m a total amateur, and this isn’t even the "correct" equipment for casting, but boy is it neat to be able to do!

00:00 Intro
00:07 Furnace and Crucible
00:53 1st Casting – Pirate Pistol Butt-Cap
01:23 2nd Casting – Belt Buckle Impression
01:34 3rd Casting – Tiny Gold Bar
02:56 3D Print for Casting
02:53 2-Part Sand Mold
03:05 The POUR!
03:40 Opening the Mold
04:46 Cleaning up the Casting
06:22 Finishing Polish and Patina
07:27 Completed Project
08:01 Conclusion

I melted down some scrap brass and made a Trilobite!
To do this, I started by creating a 3D print. Then I made a two-part sand-mold. The 3D print was covered in sand, which was packed down. The frame was flipped over, covered with baby powder, and then another layer of sand was packed inside an upper wood frame. Then this was pulled off, the 3D print removed, and holes added to pour the molten metal and to let the air out. The frame was reassembled and molten brass was poured into it.

After the casting was cooled, I cut off the extra material and cleaned it up with a grinder and wire wheel.
Then I added a patina with ammonia vapor. Next, I polished the casting with #0000 steel wool so that the high spots were shiny brass, but the low areas kept the dark patina!

I gave this to my sister as a Christmas gift.

I used the following to make this casting.
Vevor 3-Burner Forge:
#0 Crucible:

Here’s a BLOG post about the tiny gold bar – the casting right before this one – which was also made using a 3D print, although in a simple open sand mold.

Tiny Gold Bar! (Brass Casting)

If you want to see some REAL casting at work, there are all sorts of great videos on the subject on YouTube. The pattern for the trilobite was from Robinson Foundry:

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