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Brass Casting Trilobite #2 #brasscasting #vevor

Brass Casting Trilobite #2   #brasscasting  #vevor

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube
Brass Casting Trilobite #2   #brasscasting  #vevor

I’ve been playing with some brass casting. This is the second Trilobite that I cast. Please click SHOW MORE!

I was able to melt the brass in an LP blacksmithing forge from Vevor:
The brass was melted in a size 0 crucible:

I created the Trilobite by starting with a 3D print, embedding it in sand, removing the plastic model from the sand-mold, and then pouring in molten brass.

Read more about brass casting on the blog!

Tiny Gold Bar! (Brass Casting)

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