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Making a Bronze Bowl – DIY Metal-Casting

Making a Bronze Bowl - DIY Metal-Casting

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube

I melted down silicon bronze and made a bowl out of it! Blog post at:
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Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at some hobbyist metal-casting. I created a few projects in brass and then switched over to bronze. (Brass has Zinc, which easily boils off into Zinc fumes! Something I don’t want to breath!)

I tried making a copy of a small bowl my wife has. I used it to create a sand-mold, then melted copper and silicon together in my #vevor forge. I then poured the metal into mold. While it took two tries, I had a pretty good copy. I ground off the flashing and polished up the interior.

I finished the outside of the bowl by heating it and brushing on Liver of Sulfur. That is an oxidizer which turns the bronze a dark gray. Then I polished back the highlights with 0000 steel wool.

Tools and materials for this project:
Vevor Propane Forge:
Liver of Sulfur:
Talc (Parting agent)

The metal is "Silicon Bronze". This was a mix of 95% recycled/scrap Copper and 5% elemental Silicon.

The sand I used for casting is playground sand, sifted, mixed with about 10% crushed clay kitty litter and just enough water to make it stick together.

If you want to watch some actual GOOD YouTube channels on metal casting I really like these two:

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