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Camp with Cybertruck Basecamp

Camp with Cybertruck Basecamp

Video by Tesla via YouTube

Bring your campsite with you.

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The Cybertruck Basecamp tent inflates in minutes without the need for structural poles. A tactical gray kaleidoscope-patterned nylon interior keeps you safe from the elements, while screen windows allow for airflow to keep you comfortable.

Relax on an ultra-soft mattress while taking in a view of the stars. Use the truck bed’s outlet to keep your devices charged (even while you’re off-grid). A weather-resistant outer shell with an extendable awning offers added protection.

The fully collapsible, self-contained pack is mounted above the truck bed but below the tonneau cover, conserving bed storage space and range while on the road. Engage tent mode on your vehicle’s touchscreen for an enhanced camping experience.

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