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Folding the Privacy Pop Up Tent How to fold a Popup Changing Tent #Shorts

Folding the Privacy Pop Up Tent    How to fold a Popup Changing Tent  #Shorts

Video by KmanAuto via YouTube

Folding the Privacy Pop Up Tent How to fold a Popup Changing Tent
6ft Portable Pop-up Changing Dressing Fitting Room
Portable camping toilet tent is ideal for camping, off roading, hunting, fishing, boating, back packing etc. It also can be used as a clothers changing room, camping shower shelter, privacy tent, and so on.
Panda Cover’s camping shower tent is made of durable material. It is easy to set up and store.

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Or an Alpcour Brand:

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DURABLE AND WATERPROOF MATERIAL – The Alpcour Camping Shower tent was designed and engineered to be one of the most durable and long-lasting available in the market. With this goal in mind, it is only made using the highest quality materials. The whole tent is made of polyester fabric which is an essential material for showers. It is 100% waterproof, durable, and lightweight. To keep the tent upright and sturdy, it is enforced with metal rods as its frame, allowing it to withstand rain and wind.

EXPERIENCE COMFORT OUTDOORS – To give you an enjoyable and worry-free camping experience, this Alpcour shower tent was made to give you a comfortable shower area no matter where you are. At a height of 6 ft 10.7” x 3 ft 11” width and length, it is assured to accommodate almost anyone with great comfort. It can serve as an area for shower, potty, changing, or even installing your portable camping toilet seats.

INCLUDES ESSENTIAL UTILITIES – The pop up privacy tent also includes various utility accessories that are aimed to make you feel like you’re showering at home! It is equipped with hooks specially added for your camping lanterns and towels. It also has cloth hangers and toilet paper holders which are essential for changing rooms and toilets. Lastly, the Alpcour camping shower tent is also equipped with a storage pocket perfect for your toiletries and even personal items.

SECURITY AND PRIVACY – Aside from comfort, the Alpcour portable shower tent’s main purpose is to give you security and privacy during showering, changing, and even during nature’s call. The whole design and structure will give you confidence that you are secured and hidden even in broad daylight with its thick polyester material. The fact that it can withstand wind and rain will also free you of the worry that your tent might get blown away and put you in an embarrassing situation.

PORTABLE AND EASY TO FOLD – To fully give you convenience while camping, the Alpcour pop up tent is designed to be easily installed and disassembled. A manual for the installation process is included for every purchase. When not in use, it can be folded compactly and stored in its carry bag. It also includes ropes, sandbags, and stakes for sturdy installation. In addition to its accessories, it has a hole specially made for shower installation, and also a zipper window for proper ventilation.
How to Setup and Fold a Pop Up Tent – Alpcour Portable Privacy Pop-Up Tent & Changing Room
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