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Can a 12V Light Bulb run on a Ryobi 18V Battery?

Can a 12V Light Bulb run on a Ryobi 18V Battery?

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube

I test out a Feit Electric 12V RV/Marine LED Light Bulb to see if I can run it straight off a Ryobi 18V battery
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This is a mass-market 12V light bulb by Feit Electric, available at major retailers such as The Home Depot:

It’s listed as "12V", but doesn’t tell the RANGE of voltages it can run at. So, I tested it. Sure enough, it looks like it works fine anywhere 10-30VDC.

With a simple adapter like this one:
the bulb works directly from the 18V Ryobi battery.

The only down-side to this bulb is it’s a little on the expensive side. I’ve found that the LeMeng brand bulbs work GREAT with Ryobi batteries, and they are about 3 times less expensive.

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