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Chevy Bolt EV to AC Inverter Backup Testing (Blackout protection power)

Chevy Bolt EV to AC Inverter Backup Testing (Blackout protection power)

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube
Chevy Bolt EV to AC Inverter Backup Testing (Blackout protection power)

Just trying a test of running a 120VAC power inverter from our new Chevy Bolt EV.
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The idea is to be able to draw up to 1,000 watts of power continuous for the house during a blackout. That would be enough to power my furnace, my refrigerator, a few lights, radio, and charge phones. Exactly what a person needs in an emergency.

The DC/DC converter in the Bolt is about 1,600 watts, but some of that has to be taken up by the electronics in the car itself, along with the inefficiencies of the inverter. Because of that, a maximum continuous power use of something around 1,000 watts makes the most sense.
I’m using a 2,000 watt inverter because I already have it. It’s a good inverter which I have used for several projects. For the car, I would simply use the inverter at LESS than its maximum power.

I connected the inverter to the car’s 12V system with 2 gauge cable and an Anderson disconnect. There’s a 200A breaker between the positive of the inverter and the battery, to protect against accidental dead shorts.

I did notice about a 0.4V drop between the 12V battery and the inverter while running at high current. I think I’ll try shortening the cables to the inverter, as they are longer than needed. Short, thick, cables are always the way to go with high current on low voltage applications!

I was originally planning to shoot a video showing how to install an inverter in the Bolt, but the more I got into it, the more I realized how many little variables there are, and that I really need to do some testing and experimenting before making any solid recommendations.

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