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elmo’s public charge solution: elmoCharge

elmo's public charge solution: elmoCharge

Video by elmo via YouTube
elmo's public charge solution: elmoCharge

Introducing, elmoCharge! We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading charge point roaming provider Paua to provide our customers with an easy and convenient way to charge on the go.

Key features
– Access to over 20,000 charge points across mainland Britain
– Via 20+ network providers
– Using just 1 charge card

No need for multiple cards, apps and invoices – all you need is elmoCharge!

All elmo subscribers will receive a card in their car – it just needs to be activated and off you charge..

Head to to find out more

00:00 Introducing elmoCharge
00:31 What is elmoCharge
00:47 How the Paua App works
01:09 How to use elmoCharge

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