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evlive: General Motors Wants To Answer Your EV Questions

evlive: General Motors Wants To Answer Your EV Questions

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
evlive: General Motors Wants To Answer Your EV Questions

General Motors recently launched an interactive electric vehicle information site called evlive, so I visited the studio to check it out. You can browse the evlive website for information or join a one-on-one live session and have an EV specialist answer your EV questions as well as show you a video demonstration. In this video, I take a tour of the studio and interview Hoss Hassani, GM’s VP of EV Ecosystem. I also tested out how well the EV specialists perform in a surprise "secret shopper" segment.

Check out the evlive website and see what it’s all about:

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00:00 Intro
01:42 I take a walk around the evlive studio
07:28 My interview with Hoss Hassani, GMs VP of EV Ecosystem
24:53 I test out evlive anonymously
49:10 We discuss how the EV specialist did
52:11 Outro

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