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EVOCHARGE EV Charger Review

EVOCHARGE EV Charger Review

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
EVOCHARGE EV Charger Review

The EvoCharge electric vehicle chargers are available with 32-amp and 40-amp outputs, as smart and non-smart chargers, and with two different cable length options. We put them all through our in-depth testing regime and use them for a few weeks before offering our thoughts and ratings.

Interested in buying an EvoCharge EVSE? Here are the direct links:

EvoCharge iEVSE 40:
EvoCharge iEVSE 32:
EvoCharge EVSE 32 (25′ cable):
EvoCharge EVSE 32 (18′ cable):

*Note: In the Key Features, I indicate the EvoCharge is Energy Star certified. That’s because when I looked it up on the Energy Star site it’s listed. However, later I learned that the unit that is certified is the commercial version, not the residential units that I tested, they are still in the process of testing for certification.

This video is powered by Qmerit, North America’s leading provider of installation services for EV charging, home energy storage, and other electrification technologies. See how Qmerit is making the energy transition easy for home and business owners:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Unboxing
1:15 Key Features
3:21 Installation as a plug-in unit
12:13 The cable deep freeze test
18:10 The connector drop test
19:31 Automatic restart test
20:30 EvoCharge models and pricing
23:17 Configuring the app
24:43 Hardwiring installation
29:53 Charging EVs including Tesla vehicles with the EvoCharge
33:35 The ChargerRater score
37:09 The final score
38:48 Hits and misses
41:21 Outro

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