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Ford has CHANGED! F150 Lightning Review

Ford has CHANGED! F150 Lightning Review

Video by Ben Sullins via YouTube
Ford has CHANGED! F150 Lightning Review

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// About Ford F150 Lightning
The Ford F-150 Lightning is a battery electric full-size light duty truck unveiled by Ford in May 2021 as part of the fourteenth generation Ford F-Series. Four models have been announced, and all models initially will be dual-motor, four-wheel-drive, with EPA range estimates of 230–300 mi (370–480 km). The base price of the commercial-grade version all-wheel drive (AWD) truck in the United States was announced to be US$39,974, with higher-power/trim/range models priced all the way up to US$90,000.[5] The F-150 Lightning began production on 26 April 2022.[6]

In January 2019, Ford announced the intention to produce a fully-electric light pickup at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.[7]

In July 2019, Ford tested prototype electric test mules on existing F-150 chassis. This culminated in a record-setting demonstration test tow of 1,250,000 pounds (570,000 kg) on rails.[8] Chief engineer for the F-150, Linda Zhang, emphasized at the time that Ford intended to take the "built Ford tough [characteristics of] durability, capability, and productivity and [extend that into] a whole new arena" of electric trucks.[8]

Ford unveiled the truck, and released the model name on 19 May 2021,[9] with production planned for spring of 2022.[5][10] Ford received 69,500 refundable-deposit orders in the first four days after the announcement.[11]

The base configuration has 452 hp (337 kW), 230 mi (370 km) range, and its smaller battery supports a 2,000 lb (910 kg) payload. The high-end configuration has 580 hp (430 kW), 300 mi (480 km) EPA range, 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) times in the mid-four-second range, and a towing capacity of 10,000 lb (4,500 kg). All models have 775 lb⋅ft (1,051 N⋅m) of torque, full-time 4wd, independent rear suspension, and will initially come in a crew-cab configuration only, with a 5.5 ft (1.7 m) bed.[5] The active suspension provides real-time load weighing function. Like Tesla, the Ford F-150 Lightning is announced to include over-the-air software updates, and a significant software driving aids which will allow limited hands-off highway driving, but fall short of full self-driving.[5] The F-150 Lightning in some trim packages, in concert with the "80A Ford Charge Station pro with Ford Intelligent Backup Power capability," can provide household-oriented V2G power, which can meet the electrical needs of a typical American home for three to ten days.[19] The truck can also supply up to 9.6 kW of power through up to eleven 120V and 240V electrical outlets distributed around the truck.[19]

This electric truck has a standard battery and can travel 230 mi (370 km) on a single charge. EPA range estimates of 230–300 mi (370–480 km)[5] produced by Ford in May 2021 were based on 1,000 lb (450 kg) of cargo carried in the truck. Electrek reported that the range with no load, just a driver and the truck, appeared to be closer to 400 mi (640 km).[20]

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