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How much ‘Titanium’ is Samsung *actually* using? – NO SECRETS HERE!

How much 'Titanium' is Samsung *actually* using? - NO SECRETS HERE!

Video by JerryRigEverything via YouTube

Lets take apart the new Samsung S24 Ultra! Grab one of my teardown skins for your own phone HERE:

HUGE thanks to Moxtec for letting me borrow their XRF Scanner. If you ever want to build a rover to analyze other planets – check them out: and massive thanks to @NFTI for letting me borrow his forge so we can separate the plastic, aluminum, and Titanium of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

I’m a big fan of Titanium smartphones, its a super cool metal. And I’m glad to see that both Samsung, and Apple are using the real stuff. Even if it is different grades of the Titanium material.

Samsung is using Grade 2 Titanium, and Apple is using Grade 5 Titanium.

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