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Hyundai Ioniq 6 In Depth Review

Hyundai Ioniq 6 In Depth Review

Video by EV-olution via YouTube
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Hyundai Canada lent me the new Ioniq 6 AWD Ultimate electric sedan for 1 week and this video shows you the features, details, specs, options and prices, as well as how it drives and handles. Plus, a side-by-side comparison with my Kia EV6 GT-Line. If you are considering the Ioniq 6 then this video should interest you.

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Ioniq 6 details & prices
02:04 Specs for each trim
03:08 Colour options in Canada
03:21 Trunk space and details
07:05 Tire mobility kit
07:24 Rear seat space
08:34 Rear seat details & features
10:05 I criticized what?!
10:55 Front seat space design
12:08 Battery conditioning mode
12:41 Fast charging speed
13:05 Center console details
14:20 Android Auto and Apple Carplay
14:50 Interior layout – Buttons, screen, steering wheel, details
17:32 Overhead console details
18:21 Glovebox
18:41 Sound system information
19:12 Rear view mirror details
19:40 HUD (heads up display)
20:07 Interior finish vs EV6
20:52 Rear deck and window
21:07 Front seat headroom
22:05 Front seat legroom
22:37 Ambient lighting
23:32 20 Inch wheels and tires
24:18 The frunk is different
24:50 Use your smartwatch!
25:50 Side-by-side with EV6
30:22 Driving the Ioniq 6
34:10 The sedan market and Ioniq 6
36:17 Be part of the EV-olution
37:13 Bloopers

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