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Lifting or jacking a Tesla or other electric vehicles

Lifting or jacking a Tesla or other electric vehicles

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

Lifting or jacking an EV is no different to lifting any other vehicle, in that you should lift the car from the designated jacking points. This is normally pinch welds on the sills. However on a Tesla, the jacking points are next to each corner of the battery pack and are simply holes in a metal rectangular plate. On a Model S and Model X the jacking point is flush with the battery pack. On a Model 3 and Model Y, the jacking point now stands proud of the pack slightly. But in all cases, its a good idea to use a jacking pad so your jack doesn’t end up spanning the jacking point and lifting off the battery pack or sills. This is particularly important if you’re using a trolley jack with a cupped or dished lifting point.

Jacking beam video

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