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MINI Cooper SE – MINI size; mighty fun…..

MINI Cooper SE - MINI size; mighty fun.....

Video by AutoEV via YouTube

We liked the old MINI Electric. In fact, there was only really two things that we felt was wrong with it. It didn’t look as good as it should have, and it didn’t go far enough between charges. Well those are two things that you cannot say about the new MINI Electric. But by giving more range and sportier looks, ad a bigger price tag to match, has it lost that "MINI-ness" that we have always loved about the car since the brand was relaunched by parent company BMW twenty three years ago? Time to find out……

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:15 – Titles
01:22 – Meet the car
04:58 – Styling
13:39 – Practicality
15:01 – Interior
25:24 – Usability
29:16 – Performance & Handling
37:42 – Pricing
41:01- Competition
44:40 – Pros & Cons
45:26 – Summary

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