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Polestar 3 – 1st Look

Polestar 3 - 1st Look

Video by EV Review Ireland via YouTube
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Polestar 3 - 1st Look

Polestar 3 – 1st Look

Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland has a look around the interior and exterior of the Polestar 3.

This video is in partnership with
Nevo is Ireland’s new dedicated EV website

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Front Sensors, Dual Blade Lights and Aero Wing
1:45 Wheels, Dimensions and where it’s made
2:18 Competitors
2:51 Platform, Battery and Charging
3:19 Rear Design, Boot Size and a wiper!
4:08 Interior Front Sustainability
4:31 Android Automotive Infotainment Screen
4:41 Driver Display
4:44 Bower and Wilkins Sound System
4:59 Center Console
5:13 Seats
5:26 Panoramic Sunroof
5:41 5 Seats Only
5:51 Rear Passenger Space
6:05 Video in Partnership with Nevo
6:31 Polestar 3 Weight, Roof Capacity and Towing Capacity
6:52 Heat Pump as Standard
7:00 Smart Eye Technology
7:12 50:50 Weight
7:13 Long Range Dual Motor Power Stats
7:32 Performance Pack Power Stats
7:47 Price in Ireland
8:06 LiDAR Option
8:21 Like, Comment and Subscribe
8:39 Outro

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