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Tesla Fix for IONIQ 5 Supercharging? | #MagicDock #NonTeslaCharging

Tesla Fix for IONIQ 5 Supercharging? | #MagicDock #NonTeslaCharging

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube
Tesla Fix for IONIQ 5 Supercharging? | #MagicDock #NonTeslaCharging

Two successful sessions in Brewster, NY could indicate that Tesla’s software fix for IONIQ 5 charging on Magic Dock stations is now in place. I5 drivers reported early issues here when the site opened to non-Tesla charging, but two separate attempts on a day trip down to the Tri-state area started without issues.

Note the power is still limited to below 50kW, which is partially due to the voltage differential (400V output vs. EGMP platform’s 800V architecture). But with the rear-motor inverter topping out around 100 kW, the 42kW delivered here still falls short of what we’d hope to see. Perhaps power delivery was the original fail point and the fix caps EGMP vehicles at this low level to ensure a steady, albeit very slow charge?

Watch our more extensive tests of other Magic Dock-enabled sites across New York state in this full video here:

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