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Tesla Model Y – fitting two tone wheel covers on the 19″ Gemini wheels (including my mistakes!)

Tesla Model Y - fitting two tone wheel covers on the 19

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video I fit some replacement wheel covers on my 2024 Tesla Model Y RWD that has the 19" Gemini wheels. I wanted to continue with the style of the original Tesla Gemini wheel trims, so I chose some two tone in grey and black. Aftermarket wheel covers offer better protection as they are larger and cover all the alloy wheel. Whereas the Tesla Gemini covers sit within the alloy rim and therefore your wheels can still be damaged by kerbing. Aftermarket wheel covers go over the alloy rim and therefore protect all the alloy wheel and are cheaper and easier to replace if you kerb your wheel. They also make the wheels look larger too.
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00:00 Tesla Gemini wheel trims
01:03 Kerbing protection
01:33 Two tone wheel trims
08:13 Fitting
13:48 Comparison
14:24 Centre emblems
15:16 Fitting again
16:08 Final look

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