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Tesla’s new adaptive high beams software – Matrix LED headlights now work!

Tesla's new adaptive high beams software - Matrix LED headlights now work!

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In March 2024, Tesla released an over the air software update which enabled the matrix headlights. All Tesla Model Y and Model 3 since late 2020 have had LED matrix headlights fitted as standard, but the adaptive driving beam function of these headlights has never been enabled, so they operated like normal LED headlights. They did have automatic main beam dipping though.
But finally Tesla has been rolling out new software that adds the "adaptive high beams" function and this replaces the previous simple automatic dipping. In this video I describe what this is and take the car out at night to demonstrate how they work.

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00:00 Tesla headlights
01:08 OTA update 2024.8
02:09 What are adaptive lights?
04:53 Nighttime demo
06:03 Junctions
06:25 Oncoming cars
07:05 Even mass murders dip their lights!
08:37 Motorbike
09:29 Street lights
10:50 Behind cars
12:15 Dual carriageways
14:05 Slip road
14:23 Display symbol
14:57 Another motorbike
15:39 Works well, more demos
16:37 Car in junction
17:21 Dipping for pub outdoor lights
18:23 No longer dazzling on dipped beams
19:38 Dazzling on a hill
20:07 Outro

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