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This AI Robot Mower is SILENT! Segway Navimow i105N Review

This AI Robot Mower is SILENT! Segway Navimow i105N Review

Video by Ben Sullins via YouTube

Check out the new Segway Navimow i105N for a discounted rate of $999 here –

You can learn more here as well

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// About Segway Navimow
01/ /02
A new era of smart lawn maintenance.
Navimow was first introduced by Segway in 2021. Freeing customers from the
hassle of perimeter wires, it revolutionised the robotic lawnmower industry
and was later applauded by the market following the sales launch in 2022.
Now, it serves households in over 30 countries, including Germany, France,
Denmark, the US, the UK, Australia, and more.
Powered by Segway’s spirit of innovation and over 20 years of experience
in the robotic sector, Navimow developed the Exact Fusion Locating System
(EFLS) that could achieve centimetre-level precise positioning and keeps
enhancing the product with groundbreaking features. Now with the brand new
Navimow i Series, lawn care is easier than ever. Just sit back, sip your coffee
and enjoy the perfectly manicured lawn in a breeze.

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