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Towing with a Tesla Model Y RWD. A caravan test coming soon.

Towing with a Tesla Model Y RWD. A caravan test coming soon.

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

Towing obviously uses more fuel. But how does it affect an electric vehicle? I’m going to make videos towing various trailers and weights and look at the efficiency, using a 2024 Tesla Model Y RWD (with an LFP battery).
On the last video (see where I compare an empty trailer to a fully loaded trailer) I was asked about towing a caravan. I do not have access to a caravan, but I have just bought this Bateson covered tiltbed car transporter trailing. This weights 1029kg unladen and has twin braked axles. So I’m going to make a video towing this and test the efficiency as it will be pretty similar to a large caravan.

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