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Wheels for EVs and Winter Tires

Wheels for EVs and Winter Tires

Video by EV-olution via YouTube
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Wheels for EVs and Winter Tires

Can you use any winter tire on an EV? Is there an advantage to getting a wheel designed for EVs? Are some wheels made for winter use? Fast Wheels is a Canadian company!?! Yes, it is! I answer these and many other questions in this video. I bought new Fast EV wheels for my Kia EV6 for winter use, and I bought winter tires. If you want to know why I chose these specific wheels and tires, and if you want to know more about Fast because they offer more than just wheels, then this video is for you.

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Ioniq 5 footage: Hyundai USA

Cast wheel footage: How It’s Made on Discovery Channel

Flow formed wheel footage: Leifeld Metal Spinning


PMG Blainville test track footage: PMG Blainville and DroneStudio

00:00 Intro
00:35 Fastco is Canadian and make what?
01:55 Who is Fast?
03:20 Fast makes wheels for auto makers!
05:15 Cast vs Flow Formed vs Forged wheels
07:45 More than just wheels
10:06 3D Scan Measurements = Guaranteed Fit
12:02 Safety and tire pressure
14:26 CNC custom fit wheels
16:08 Are they strong enough for crappy roads?
17:03 Wheels for EVs
23:00 Project Arrow
28:44 EV-olution Hoodies
29:20 How do you choose the right wheel?
31:04 Wheel load rating
33:19 Tire installation on my Fast EV05 wheels
35:00 Advanced tire balancing machine
37:52 Weight difference and savings
38:39 Installation of wheels on Kia EV6
39:54 Color matching nuts
40:26 Why and how I chose the Fast EV05
41:00 Winter approved wheels
41:39 Top 3 winter tires and my choice
45:24 Happy holidays and thank you
46:24 Bloopers

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