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Viofo T130 Triple Dashcam for my Kia EV6

Viofo T130 Triple Dashcam for my Kia EV6

Video by EV-olution via YouTube
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Viofo T130 Triple Dashcam for my Kia EV6

Unlike a Tesla the Kia EV6 cannot use the cameras like a dashcam so I got a triple camera set up from Viofo with all the available accessories to solve the problem. In my Niro EV I had bought and installed the A129 Duo from Viofo, but in my EV6 I am using the Viofo T130 three channel 2K unit. Is it any good? What is a 3 channel dashcam? How is the video quality? Watch this video for the unboxing, review, and video samples for all the details.

DISCLOSURE: I received the camera kit for free.

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Full disclosure
01:14 Everything I installed – The unboxing
08:04 What is a fuse tap?
10:00 The rest of the Viofo accessories
12:51 Where did I install the cameras?
15:00 Power camera on and the buttons
16:51 Forgot the WiFi password? Hard reset it
17:55 Inside camera that pivots!
19:15 Lock that recording… remotely!
20:31 What is parking mode?
21:20 Audio quality
21:40 WiFi camera! The app and how it works
32:43 Video quality, inside, front, and back
41:21 What I think of the T130
45:45 Bloopers

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